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Specialty Lumber

For over a decade contractors have trusted us to supply a wide variety of specialty milled and raw lumber for any application from rustic to modern. We house the highest quality wood to meet your project needs.

"Being in complete control of the milling process has its advantages. It allows us to closely assess each piece of raw timber for future projects. It's that vision and ability that sets us apart. We are not confined to 'lumber yard standards'— we create our own standards."

--MIKE RUPICH, owner

Sustainably Sourced & Crafted

We’re deeply committed to protecting the health of both our environment and our clients. All of our wood is either reclaimed locally or sourced from responsibly managed forests in the U.S. and Europe, and we use only the most eco-friendly adhesives and finishes available today. 

Regional Species, Local Materials.

As residents of the Northeast we are so fortunate to live and work not only amongst some of the nation’s most prolific hardwood forests, but also in it's historic heartland. This gives us the unique opportunity to salvage desirable hardwood logs from our immediate area (when they can no long safely stand on their own) as well as to reclaim and repurpose lumber from many of the regions storied but obsolete building structures.


Non-native Wood

We’re proud of our partnership with an FSC certified mill in Europe, bringing you the best available European White Oak Flooring. We constantly strive to produce top quality, sustainably produced, unique products; and this partnership positions us to do exactly that. Our European Oak Flooring is engineered in the heart of the traditional lumber processing region of Central Europe, surrounded by old growth oak forests. The processes used combine modern technology with excellent craftsmanship, implementing only the highest grade techniques to produce high-end, beautifully crafted wood flooring. 



UV-Cured Urethane - All urethane finishes are made with petroleum-based ingredients, but because they are 100% solid and are cured in ultra-violet ovens at the factory, UV urethanes are completely inert and will not off-gas in the home. UV urethane finishes can be cleaned with odorless, solvent-free cleaners.

UV-Cured Oil – Not to be confused with traditional oil-based (solvent-based) finishes, UV Cured Oil finishes made primarily with renewable natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, soy oil, and carnauba wax. These finishes contain little or no petroleum-based ingredients. Like UV-cured urethanes, UV-cured oils will not off-gas in the home. UV-cured oils are maintained with the same zero-VOC cleaning and maintenance products.



Protecting your indoor air quality is something we take extremely seriously. All of our products are made with ‘No Added Urea-Formaldehyde’ (NAUF), and are CARB Phase II compliant, easily meeting the CARB standard of 0.05ppm. 

While we’re careful to ensure that all of our factories are using the latest in zero-VOC and ultra-low-VOC adhesives, we also take the extra step of conducting periodic tests on random samples from our inventory, which we send to certified American test laboratories. We are proud of the steps we take to ensure the health of our customers and are happy to provide copies of those test reports upon request.

Kiln Dried

All of our lumber is air-dried for years before being moved into our dehumidification kiln, where it's moisture content is brought down to the right level for indoor use. This type of kiln system allows the wood to dry at a steady rate, preserving it's natural color.

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